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  • 10 juillet 2006
  • 10 juillet 2006

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  • LYON
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Numéro d'offre 400330

Our aim is to go to London for one month or more to find a job there and to settle there definitely.

Our apartment is located in a two-floor building (no lift) on the first floor.
It is 90m2 : two bedrooms, a living room that is also a dining room, a bathroom. In one bedroom, we have a queen size bed. In the other one, we have everything for a young child (toys, baby bed, baby chair…).
It is well furnished and it seems cosy. We have a balcony and a view on a green park.

We exchange the car (we have a space in an underground parking closed with a gate) and bus stop is not too far. A shopping centre is close to the apartment.

We don’t smoke and can accept smokers only if they smoke on the balcony.

Lyon is located in the heart of the valley of the Rhone (two hours from Paris with the fast train called TGV). It is lined in the North by the Country of Beaujolais, on the West by the Mounts of Lyonnais, in the East and in the North by the plain of Dombes and Isère. It is not far from the Alps. In the city of Lyon, you can walk in different districts as such as the old part of the town, or in its park "de la Tête d'Or" (the "Golden Head Park" - and its free zoo), or have a break in a restaurant… You can also go shopping in the city, or even to the cinema, you can visit "la Basilique de Fourvière".

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A l'intérieurtestlog, baignoire, Chaîne hi-fi / Stéréo, internet, magnétoscope / DVD, télévision, testlog, testlog, voiture nécessaire, echange de véhicule, langue parlée Anglais/Français, animaux non souhaités, fumeurs non souhaités, testlog 
Cuisine et appareils 
A l'extérieurgarage, parking 
A proximitécampagne, commerces, forêt, hôpital, musée(s), restaurant, montagne, théâtre, transport public